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Brolly Portable Table Lamp

Brolly Portable Table Lamp

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The Brolly Portable Table Lamp is a prime example of modern Scandinavian design. With clean lines, quality materials and practical portability, this lamp exudes timeless beauty. Not only is it a source of light, it is also a statement piece that will enhance your interior design.

Key Features:

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from high quality metal and fabric for durability and style.
  • Portable Design: Cordless and lightweight, ideal for versatile lighting solutions.
  • Scandinavian style: Minimalist design suits different interior styles.
  • Warm Light: Gives off a pleasant and inviting lighting.
  • Rechargeable: Easy charging for long-lasting enjoyment.

    H: 300 x Ø: 165 mm

    Material: V1: Linen V2: Steel Black

    light source
    2W LED, 2700K Lumen: 140 lm, Function tid: Op til 15 timer, Opladningstid: 5 timer (0-100%)

    For further information please contact us at:

    Phone: +49 1590 4402640

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