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Coco Chanel

"Only those who have that certain something can be irreplaceable"

&Tradition Flowerpot Collection

Little Petra VB1 von &Tradition

Entdecken sie den Little Petra VB1 aus Schafsfell designed von Viggo Boesen für &Tradition.

Hier Entdecken!



Who are we?

We are always
looking for that certain something and finding it, it can be a little more of that. Inviting comfort, relaxation and well-being are the goals of our creative search.

Ahead of the trend
supplies Lykkeliving to private homes. Years of experience, almost limitless service, friendly staff make the difference here.

Every living space is perfectly staged, because the overall impression of the domicile stands and falls with the furniture.

Our team
has a fine sense of aesthetics and quality. Noble materials, elaborately and high-quality processed, are important to us. Attention to detail and the best craftsmanship characterize the furniture we offer.